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Brand:-DOMO Slate DOMO Slate N8 SE Tablet Phone

DOMO Slate N8 SE Tablet

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Specifications of DOMO Slate N8 SE Tablet

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General Features
Brand:-DOMO Slate
Phone Size:
Display:-7-inch (diagonal) LCD - backlit glossy Multi touch widescreen Display
Display Type:
Display:-7-inch (diagonal) LCD - backlit glossy Multi touch widescreen Display
Screen misc:
Resolution:-800 x 480 Pixels
Dimension:-127 x 198 x 14 mm
Weight:-238 gms
CPU/Processor:-800MHz Processor
Internal memory:
Internal Memory:-4 GB
External memory:
External Memory:-Upto 32GB Using Micro SD Slot
Technology -Cellular Network -GSM,3G -Yes-
WiFi:-Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
Bluetooth -Yes-
Camera misc:
Camera:-Yes (Inbuilt)
Back Camera:
Camera:-Yes (Inbuilt)
Front Camera:
3G:-Supports External DATA cards for 3G Data surfing
USB:-2 Standard USB Ports. USB dock connector port (2 connectors)
Type:-Built-in 2400 mAh rechargeable polymer battery
OS version:
Operating System:-Android Froyo (2.2) OS
Earphone Jack -3.5 mm
Alert type:
GPS -Yes-
Domo Slate N8 Se Android Tablet Can Give You Value For Money

The huge success of the Android Tablet and the modern devices has made it a must for us to own a phone that can store data and connect through internet. The Domo slate n8 se is a cost efficient tablet that has features that are supportive for every type of work that we need a tabloid phone for. The operating system has got Android 2.2 and has got support for Adobe flash for different video and eBook viewing. It has 2 USB ports that can connect to different devices without convertors and it also supports 3G dongles for internet connections and phone connectivity.

The tablet has got speakers that are higher than its previous models and the design is a sleek one to fit in your hands for perfect balance. The external keyboards and mouse and scanners all can be connected to the device to work better from the tabloid phone and you can use the 3G data card to get internet connection faster than any wireless connection. The screen can be switched from portrait to landscape and it is also a multi touch screen with touch flow to use with various options. The Domo slate n8 se has got a 800 MHz processor that is optimized for different audio and video files.

The Domo slate n8 se has also got a 7 inch screen and is ideal for travelling from one place to another. The micro SD card that fits in the slot can support till 32 GB of external memory storage. The model also supports HDMI video till 720 p and it has got a polymer battery for supplying power for the phone. The battery is a built in 2400 mAH rechargeable battery and gives a 3 hours of time for web surfing and video viewing from the phone directly. The headphone jack and built in speakers, the microphone and menu key must be checked for the input and output options.

DOMO Slate N8 SE Tablet: F9 Systems Rating and Review


can we upgrade the os.

can we upgrade the os.

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